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Monument Sign for Casa Gateway in Pacific Palisades

This monument sign is part of a large sign package for the Pacific Palisades‘ affordable living community, Casa Gateway. The laser cut acrylic lettering are installed on a monument structure at the entrance to the community.

A Monument Worthy of Your Brand

Want to catch people’s attention with signage? In the case of businesses, it’s in order to draw in potential customers. Signage helps make the experience memorable so they’ll come back.

Likewise for communities like Casa Gateway, it’s to provide a landmark and symbolize the local identity.  Such displays matter for communities since these help bring people together and direct newcomers to where they want to go. Good, visible signs can save people a whole lot of grief when they navigate unfamiliar areas.

So in these cases, a monument sign is just what the doctor ordered. Durable and visible, this type of signage can be positioned so automobile and foot traffic will pass it by. So it can very easily become a landmark to guide people towards their destination. At the same time, due to the high quality construction, they can weather the elements better and survive accidents.

Consider Sign Packages

As our signage for Casa Gateway is part of a larger sign package, it will soon be accompanied by other displays to compliment it. And in terms of quality they will be consistent in appearance, branding and in manufacture. After all, no single sign can do the job alone.

To really draw attention to your establishment or property, you’ll need an array of signs that will compliment one another. Outdoor and indoor signs, directional and wayfinding displays, and so on.

So if you are planning to decorate a large establishment, building or property with signage, then sign packages are your best friend.

Thinking of getting a monument sign? Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.