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Helpful Office Signs for Customers and Employees

Do you have paper signs taped to your walls letting customers know that you have complimentary wi-fi or coffee? Do you use post-its to remind your coworkers to keep the office clean? Replace them with more permanent, aesthetically-pleasant signs consistent with your space’s appearance, to show that your establishment is in order.

Whether they’re made out of acrylic, aluminum, wood, or even wall decals, signage will improve the stock of your establishment, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of functionality. They’ll be more durable than the post-it you’ve stuck on the corner that’ll eventually fall off and become litter. They’ll also be more visible, being professionally made and designed to be seen and understood – not just scribbled with a sharpie.

People will be more receptive towards an impressive sign than a piece of cardboard. And, let’s be real, post-its and taped pieces of paper just aren’t presentable and won’t instill confidence in your customers. So better shape up!

These signs can be for seemingly little things that add up to a smoothly running workplace and a more convenient time for everyone involved, from management and employees to customers. They might suggest that employees replace old coffee filters, label food in the community fridge, or turn off fans and lights before they leave. They can be crucial reminders to keep the restroom tidy! And for customers, it can inform them of your services, amenities and the establishment’s general layout.

The possibilities are endless and with proper signage, you’ll get better results and look good while you’re at it!