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Top: photo of Dodger stadium wall wrap in office, office goals decal in breakroom. Bottom: Star Wars custom wall wrap in warehouse.

Spruce Your Place Up With Signs!

Trapped in a monotonous maze of cubicles? Tired of trudging through grey corridors? Bare walls like a lunar landscape starting to close in on you? You can fix this by sprucing up your place with signs! Whether it’s at work or not, with clever decoration you can personalize your special space and turn it into a stimulating place.

This isn’t just a superficial subject or a trivial topic, as Huffington Post details the surprising impacts of office decor: “an office’s decorations, or lack there of, directly impacts employee productivity, happiness and even absenteeism. Giving your office a stylish makeover will also significantly impact the perception of your company by visitors, especially potential business partners or job candidates! First impressions matter a great deal, and a person’s surrounding environment directly impacts their productivity.

In a way, an office’s composition is like a sign in how it conveys to onlookers – be they clients, visitors or the employees themselves -the identity of the company. It comes through in the appearance of the workers’ everyday environment, which in turn affects the overall performance and wellness of both the workers and the company itself.

So that is why it’s important for everyone at work to have a fun environment. As this Fast Company article explains, “fun doesn’t result simply in smiles and laughs–it brings a tangible increase in workplace happiness and productivity. A more enjoyable workplace makes individuals perform better, in almost every aspect of their lives.

Moreover, “when you spend such a significant amount of time in one space, it’s important that it reflects not only the culture of the company, but the people who make it run. A nice work environment might even convince you to–gasp–look forward to work!

So it’s irrevocable and undeniable. What are you waiting for? Begin the decoration!

The Sign of the Times

Where to start? Signs with inspirational sayings are the go-to for corporate settings, they can display wise words and motivational adages that can boost employee morale or emphasize values. Employee of the month boards are both decorative and functional in providing encouragement and recognition.  Signs with tongue-in-cheek humor and jokes can lighten up the office mood. These are the basics, the meat and potatoes of enhancing the office environment.

Captivating and creative canvas art and paintings are another approach, showing spectacular sights that’ll leave viewers nodding in appreciation. Phenomenal photographs of landscapes or adorable animals are also tried and tested. Cubicle wraps can turn the modern workplace into something eye-catching.

There can be other, more spontaneous ways of adorning an office too, such as freedom walls where everyone can share messages, scribbles, tasteful graffiti and anything else, turning it into something they can participate in, which can then be changed with the seasons.

Other forms of decorations can be brought in as well – indoor plants, bean bags, personal paraphernalia like posters of their favorite movies, and even action figures! Unique touches can be seen in simple touches of personalization, like someone’s favorite Best Mom or Dad mug on their workstation, while elsewhere there’s a stack of novels and comic books, a stash of Nerf toys here, some aesthetically arranged post-it notes over there… even the seemingly mundane things can become transformative.

There are a million ways to change a place into something visually striking, stimulating and uplifting environment, depending on the season, the people there, and other aspects. Be imaginative and think about it, all sorts of ideas will come up!