You are currently viewing Lightbox Pylon Inserts for Mindry and Alcove in Malibu

Lightbox Pylon Inserts for Mindry and Alcove in Malibu

More lightbox pylon inserts for Malibu Village’s multi-tenant sign. This time it’s for The Mindry and The Alcove. Ensure your tenants’ brands get the visibility they deserve with quality signage. It’s best for business!

Lightbox Pylon Inserts Package

When you are a property manager or operating a commercial space, it behooves you to ensure that your tenants’ brands get enough visibility. So that their businesses will get more traffic and succeed – which is what you want. After all, how will they be able to make the rent?

Now with multiple tenants, their brands have to be balanced. One can’t overshadow the other. So your multi-tenant signs have to be standardized in some fashion. There has to be a degree of consistency, so the looks won’t clash against each other and undermine the whole thing.

Likewise, you want your signage to display your own brand, that of your property or commercial space. That’s the secret of mall signs.

So that’s what a sign package is for. As our pylon sign inserts for Malibu Village show, the brands are highly visible but uniform, tied together by the main aesthetic of the establishment. Yes, the tenants’ brands get highlighted, but Malibu Village itself is the star of the show. Perfectly balanced, as everything should be!

And that’s what you want when you are operating a commercial space. Property managers, take note of this when planning your business signs!

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About the Client

Malibu Village is a retail center that provides numerous amenities at an idyllic creek-side location.

The Mindry is a place for soothing spiritual healing through meditation. With their guides, they hold regular classes, workshops and events that will enrich participants’ lives and souls.

The Alcove is an oasis of cool, a fashion store specializing in a casual style they call “beach chic.” They curate and elevate fresh styles mainly from the US. In their own words: “We believe in soft fabrics, comfort and above all, style.