You are currently viewing Indoor Dimensional Letter Office Sign for Fluxergy in Irvine

Indoor Dimensional Letter Office Sign for Fluxergy in Irvine

This is an indoor dimensional letter office sign for Fluxergy, as part of the comprehensive sign package we provided for them. With this acrylic lobby sign their Irvine office will be eye-catching on the inside as well as the outside.

Dimensional Letter Office Sign Set for Businesses

When it comes to interior signs, nothing beats having a good centerpiece to really complete the office. A lobby sign gives the space a focal point, and that prominent¬† logo will convey the business’ brand identity to visitors, clients and the team alike. It is a must have among indoor signs.

So, need to spruce up your workplace? Businesses like tech firms should have impressive looking establishments, with aesthetically appealing exteriors as well as interiors, to attract customers and clients. Likewise, pleasant environments will boost team morale. Additionally, increasing their brand visibility will help advertise their company, cementing it in people’s consciousness. With this, they will stand out from the competition and their customers and clients will have more memorable transactions with them.

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About the Client

Fluxergy creates lower-cost laboratory testing to make these vital services more accessible and affordable.