Post and Panel Directional Sign for Malibu Pacific Church

A directional sign can make navigation much more convenient for visitors, particularly as they head to the establishment from a nearby parking space. This post and panel sign we fabricated and installed for Malibu Pacific Church directs visitors to the entrance area and the church’s children section.

Directional Sign Package Improve Visitor Convenience

This post and panel directional sign for Malibu Presbyterian Church directs visitors to the entrance area and the church's children section.For places of worship with multiple buildings or compounds, wayfinding signs are helpful as they can assist visitors in navigation. Whether these are parking lot signs, hallway signs or corridor signs, visitors will appreciate the concern displayed. These can help them avoid being lost and can also point out important facilities, like restrooms or offices, accessibility options like wheelchair ramps, and more.

Speaking of which, wayfinding signs should also have ¬†ADA-compliant features like braille, tactile surfaces and more. They should also highlight the establishment’s accessibility features, such as the aforementioned ramps, or handicapped spaces in parking lots, and the like. After all, places of worship are open to everyone – their facilities and signage must also reflect this!

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About the Client

Malibu Pacific Church began in 1948 and over the years has spread the Good Word. Previously known as Malibu Presbyterian Church, it rebranded after the church burned down in the 2007 wildfires. After the tragedy, the community came together and was reborn, even expanding its reach across the world.