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Preview: Custom Brass Logo Sign

Here’s another preview of a project we have going on here in the shop. It’s a custom brass logo sign. Are you looking to have a metal lobby sign but are worried about the weight of one on your wall? Give us a call to find out if a custom-fabricated sign is right for you!

Stand Out with Custom-made Metal Signs

Classy, eye-catching, and durable. Metal signs do really make quite an impression with customers. They have heft. Even when they are made out of lightweight materials, visually they convey a sense of weight and permanence. So that is why they are a classic kind of sign and ideal centerpieces for lobbies and offices. Just like the custom brass logo sign we’re fabricating.

Moreover, these attributes influence brand identity, making your business look reliable, trustworthy and well-established. Add a custom-design and it will have a unique look as well!

With this you can see how the kind and quality of signage can affect how your business is perceived. So for high-grade signage that will impress, like our brass logo sign, contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries.