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Stunning lobby sign by Premium Sign Solutions - Channel letters lobby sign

Jungle Boys Channel Letter Los Angeles 

Lobby Signs by Premium Sign Solutions: Illuminating Jungle Boys Los Angeles with Channel Letters


Do you need Lobby Signs? Are you a cultivator or medical grower feeling unseen in the crowded market, yearning to be discovered by new eyes? Do you need a solution to stand out? 


Key Takeaways

  • Elevate your brand with Premium Sign Solutions’ captivating lobby signs, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Channel letters in two striking variants, white wall and brown background, add sophistication and grandeur.
  • Quality materials like aluminum, LED illumination, and clear poly-carbonate ensure durability and visual impact.
  • Trust in our precision and commitment to crafting lobby signs that truly reflect your unique story.


In this article, we’ll unveil how Premium Sign Solutions helped Jungle Boys Los Angeles address these challenges with our exceptional lobby signs.


Crafting a Unique Story


When collaborating with our clients, like Jungle Boys, we make it a priority to understand their unique style and the story behind their mission. Jungle Boys is a passionate collective of cultivators dedicated to growing clean, potent cannabis. With over 500 rare cultivars in their genetics library and a commitment to quality, their story is compelling. We work closely with them to craft signage that embodies their vision.


The Lobby Sign Design Process


In the heart of Los Angeles, Jungle Boys sought to enhance their reception areas with lobby signs that epitomize our commitment to quality and precision. These lobby signs feature channel letters, with two distinct variants: one against a pristine white wall background and the other set against a sophisticated brown backdrop. The white wall sign measures an impressive 58.5 inches in height and 85 inches in width, radiating grandeur. Meanwhile, the brown background sign stands at 53.7 inches in height and 78 inches in width, exuding warmth. These signs encapsulate our dedication to leaving a lasting impression.


We meticulously selected materials to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal. The signs boast a 0.060-inch thick aluminum face for durability and a polished finish. A 0.040-inch by 3-inch aluminum return and anodized chrome silver aluminum finish lend striking aesthetics. A 3/16-inch clear poly-carbonate backer guarantees clarity and protection. Internally illuminated RGB LED systems illuminate the signs, offering visibility day and night. Elevating their impact, 1.5-inch aluminum stand-offs provide depth. An external control box streamlines management and power supply. These lobby signs exemplify our unwavering commitment to crafting precision signage.


Jungle Boys Los Angeles' impressive signage" - Los Angeles, channel letters lobby sign
Jungle Boys Los Angeles’ impressive signage” – Los Angeles, channel letters lobby sign


The Power of Channel Letters Lobby Signs 


Channel letters, as showcased in Jungle Boys’ lobby signs, offer numerous benefits for real estate building visual exposure. These three-dimensional signs are not only visually appealing but also highly effective for catching the eye of potential customers. Their illuminated design ensures visibility day and night, making a lasting impression.


FAQs: Answering Your Questions


What is the significance of lobby signs for entertainment service businesses?

Lobby signs create a memorable first impression, enhancing your brand’s visibility and professionalism.


Can channel letters be customized to fit my business’s style?

Absolutely! Channel letters can be tailored to match your brand’s aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive look.


Are these signs durable and long-lasting?

Yes, our lobby signs are crafted with high-quality materials, built to withstand the test of time.


Crafting unique stories with lobby signs" - Premium Sign Solutions, signage maker Southern California
Crafting unique stories with lobby signs” – Premium Sign Solutions, signage maker Southern Californa



Final Thoughts on Lobby Signs 


Jungle Boys Los Angeles is a prime example of how Premium Sign Solutions can transform your business’s visibility and brand image through stunning lobby signs. Our collaboration with Jungle Boys resulted in eye-catching signage that perfectly represents their mission and style.


Ready to elevate your business’s presence? Contact Premium Sign Solutions today and let us craft a signage solution that tells your unique story and captures the attention of your target audience.


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