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Monument Sign Modification for Concordia Christian School in Granada Hills

Want to add something new to your signage? We can do that too. Like this monument sign modification we did for Concordia Christian School. We added a cross to the outdoor sign we had previously made and installed for the Granada Hills school.

Add To Your Signs

Variety is the spice of life. Same goes for signage. Business signs, school signs, displays for restaurants, cafes, stores, and such. Some tweaking every now and then will catch the eye of customers and passersby. It keeps the brand interesting. And for Concordia Christian School, our monument sign modification added a cross. So, together with the dimensional letters, this significant symbol of faith completes the institution’s look and identity.

Likewise, for businesses that are growing and developing. With the expansion of their products and services or their overall brand identity, some modification in signage might be necessary. A change to the logo, or a new symbol here and there. We can incorporate changes big and small to the design in a way that will compliment the brand and the business. It takes skill to make sure these additions won’t stick out like sore thumbs – but as sign-makers we’ve got The Right Stuff.

So, got any ideas regarding sign modification? Want to change your signage a little bit? Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Concordia Christian School encompasses preschool through 8th grade. A small school, they provide Christian education in a loving environment, giving children a second family.