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Laser-Cut Acrylic Lobby Sign for Guru in Pasadena

Though we already created an illuminated reception sign for Guru, the Pasadena company wanted an additional wall to be branded with a laser-cut acrylic lobby sign. It’s good to see a client so satisfied with our products. Their branding will certainly be prominent in their office.

Quality Branding with a Laser-Cut Acrylic Lobby Sign

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High-grade materials and precision manufacturing are essential in producing a lobby sign for your brand. It has to look impressive, withstand the rigors of transportation, be easy to install, and last long. So a sign that stands out from the rest will convey to customers that your brand is likewise exemplary. Moreover, they will also regard your brand, along its produces and services, as high-grade and precise.

This is the power of imagery. What your signage and overall branding convey will be associated with the rest of your business, shaping its identity. So this is why it’s crucial to have an impressive centerpiece in your establishment’s lobby, reception area or other central space.¬† For other areas requiring branding, indoor and outdoor, various types of business signs can fulfill these needs.

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About the Client

Guru is designing the future. It focuses on reducing e-waste and making human lives better through the wireless energy transmission technologies they are developing.