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Parking Lot Exit Sign for West Valley Medical Center in Encino

Parking lots and signs go together like peanut butter and jelly. This one at the West Valley Medical Center has two lanes for cars to exit – but commuters seem to not know that. Sounds like a job for a parking lot exit sign! With this, the Encino establishment’s patrons will have an easier time navigating and parking.

A Parking Lot Exit Sign for Everyone’s Convenience

The parking lot is a place where grueling automotive ordeals unfold. Finding a spot, actually parking, and then finally exiting the space can be time-consuming and frustrating for customers. At worst, people might avoid visiting and patronizing certain establishments if they have a hard time finding parking there.

So it behooves establishments to make the parking process as easy as possible for their customers. A simple sign showing the entrances and exits will do wonders. They can help make movement more organized and streamlined. Likewise, spaces can be designated for employees. If a space has multiple tenants, they can designate which space is for their customers. Moreover, signs that display spaces for people with disabilities will definitely be appreciated.

Signs have so much practical uses for businesses and customers. So if you are displaying business signs for your establishment, don’t forget signage for parking lots.

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About the Client

Ethan Christopher LLC is a full service real estate firm founded in 1999. It manages numerous shopping centers and medical office complexes.

West Valley Medical Center leases to outpatient medical services and many private practices. Their on-site pharmacy makes filling a prescription fast and efficient.