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Lightbox Sign for Westlake Pro Audio in Universal City

Westlake Pro Audio bought the building across the street from their current Universal City location. So they needed additional signage from us. We color matched this lightbox face to nail the company’s branding. Now it’s really visible to drivers and pedestrians passing through Lankershim Boulevard.

Growing Businesses Need More Signage

Expanding your facilities? Getting a new location? You’ll need new signage that matches your current branding because consistency is key. This way, when customers and passersby see the new place, they’ll definitely recognize it.

The lightbox sign we made for Westlake Pro does just this. Not only did we ensure that its colors are just right, it’s also an illuminated sign. So it will be seen day in and day out. Likewise, this visibility compliments the pole sign we previously made for them which has a great vantage point.

Sign-making and sign installation are processes that must take into consideration the location of the project. You want it positioned just right, so that the maximum number of people will see it. This means you get the most bang out for your buck with your outdoor signs. And with quality materials and manufacture, your business sign will look pristine for a long time. These are important considerations when choosing who will fabricate the physical symbolic representation of your brand and business.

So, if you’re upgrading or expanding your facilities, remember that your signage must likewise follow suit. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Westlake Pro is a Los Angeles-based supplier of audio equipment with a formidable pedigree, having been deep down in the LA music scene since the late ’60s, providing everyone from legends to garage bands to garage bands that grew into legends with what they need to produce signature sounds and magnificent music.