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How to Choose a Lobby Sign for Your Business?

A lobby sign is one of the most important design decisions a business can make when it comes to decorating its front office. People tend to follow some combination of the following paths when choosing a sign:

Lobby Sign Considerations

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1. What materials and size best fit the architecture of the room the sign is going in?

For example: A bright, futuristic or neon-y office sign won’t be a good match for a formal law firm with an interior decorated with a lot of wood panels. Instead, metal signs or dimensional letters with similarly formal fonts would be better suited for the task.

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Likewise, what’s the business about? What is the brand identity being conveyed? Signage should cohere with this. A tech firm would want a futuristic looking sign, metallic and gleaming, or with illuminated features.

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Another important consideration. Businesses should assess their budget and see what type of sign fits the bill. Of course, sign companies with top-notch services will strive to provide quality signage either way, to accommodate their clients and present the best results. Still, if the budget is tight, a large illuminated sign that fills the wall isn’t exactly a realistic option.

So consider these factors as you decide on the sign you think is right for your brand and your location. Lobby signs are one of the staple types of business signs brands use to decorate their establishments. Ask your friendly neighborhood sign makers for advice regarding what will meet your requirements. Check our Instagram for a portfolio of our office signs and other projects.

We offer everything from laser cut acrylic and flat cut metal to illuminated options with elegant sign panels also available for more economical shoppers. So there’s a lot of choices for you to consider!

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