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Stunning custom lobby sign in Huntington

Lobby Sign Valiance Clinical Research Huntington

Unlocking Success: The Impact of High-Quality Lobby Signs for Research Companies


Are you opening a new branch? Do you have more than one location? Do you feel like you deserve a unique look and feel with a common thread through all your branches? Let’s explore how we solved these challenges for Valiance’s lobby sign at their Huntington office. 


Key Takeaway Points

  • Custom reception signs are vital for research companies as they communicate professionalism, expertise, and credibility to clients and visitors.


  • Consistent branding across multiple locations, including lobby signs, fosters a sense of familiarity and comfort, making visitors feel at home.


  • High-quality entrance signs leave a lasting impression, elevating the company’s brand image and inspiring confidence in clients and partners.


  • Reception signs serve as effective wayfinding tools, guiding visitors to the reception area and other essential facilities within the company.


  • Lobby signs act as silent calls to action, encouraging clients to further engage with the business and leaving a memorable impact for future opportunities.


We recently collaborated with Valiance Clinical Research in Huntington. Their lobby sign perfectly complements their new laboratory offices. With our expertise, we helped them create a professional and welcoming atmosphere. Having consistent branding across multiple branches creates a sense of familiarity for visitors, making them feel right at home. Have a look at their South Gate office and their Tarzana office both part of their multi location signage project. 


Impeccable reception sign leaves a lasting impression
Impeccable reception sign leaves a lasting impression

Lobby Sign for Valiance Huntington

Premium Sign Solutions proudly designed and installed a stunning lobby sign for Valiance Clinical Research in Huntington. This sign measures 31.1 inches tall by 72 inches wide and is made of durable ½ inch thick acrylic. Uppercase letters are 4.7 inches tall and lowercase letters are 3.2 inches tall for clarity and legibility.


Unified signage in multiple locations has many advantages. It increases brand awareness and strengthens Valiance’s identity and professionalism. Visitors who have met Valiance in other offices will immediately feel at home in the Huntington office. Signage at multiple locations also creates a cohesive and consistent image and inspires trust among clients and partners.


Plus, it’s a powerful marketing tool to increase awareness and attract potential customers. Premium Sign Solutions is proud to have contributed to Valiance’s success with best-in-class signage solutions.


Benefits of a Lobby Sign for Research Businesses

Research firms benefit greatly from high-quality, custom-made lobby signs. These signs serve as an important means of communication, conveying professionalism, expertise and credibility to customers, partners and visitors.


First, a custom reception sign makes a great first impression. They showcase the company’s brand identity and values ​​and leave a lasting positive impact. Second, these signs help with orientation, ensuring that visitors can easily locate reception areas and other important facilities within the company.


Also, a high-quality entrance sign enhances the overall experience and ambiance of the room. They add an air of sophistication and elegance and reflect the company’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.


It is also important that we note that a lobby sign alone increases brand awareness. By incorporating a company logo, colors and fonts, they reinforce brand consistency and make the company easier to remember for customers and visitors.


High-quality custom reception signs are essential for research companies as they enhance professionalism, wayfinding, ambiance, and brand recognition, ultimately contributing to their success and reputation.


Final Thoughts on Lobby Sign 

Successful businesses know the power of lobby signage to leave a memorable impression on visitors and customers. These logos serve as visual representations of company values ​​and professionalism, leaving lasting memories. 


By investing in quality lobby signs, businesses can strengthen their brand image, inspire trust and encourage positive perceptions. They are silent but powerful calls to action, encouraging customers to engage further with the company.


A well-designed and strategically placed lobby signage not only impresses visitors, but emphasizes a company’s commitment to excellence and leaves a lasting impression that can lead to future opportunity and growth.


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