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Impeccable outdoor sign marks Nature's Cell entrance

Outdoor Sign Nature Cell Beverly Hills

Enhancing Brand Visibility and Compliance: Nature Cell Beverly Hills Outdoor Signage


Are you wanting to stand out and be easily recognizable to both visitors and potential clients? Do you need your signage for compliance standards? Do you need your entrance to be easily identified? Have a look at what we did with an outdoor sign for Nature’s Cell solving just these challenges. 


Key Takeaway Points 

  • Nature’s Cell, a KOSDAQ-listed organic company, strives to improve human well-being in the stem cell, cosmetic, and beverage industries.
  • Premium Sign Solutions designed and installed outdoor signage for Nature’s Cell in their Beverly Hills laboratory, symbolizing their commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • The signage addresses the challenges such as visibility, branding, compliance, and clear wayfinding.
  • Benefits of outdoor signage include increased brand influence, location awareness, 24/7 promotions, a professional image, and targeted marketing opportunities.
  • Outdoor signage serves as a powerful marketing tool, compensating for a lack of storefront or high foot traffic.


Nature’s Cell, is a cutting-edge KOSDAQ-listed organic company dedicated to improving human well-being. Specializing in the stem cell, cosmetic and beverage industries, they are working towards a healthier, happier world. As Premium Sign Solutions, we recently designed and installed their outdoor signage at their Beverly Hills laboratory. Made of white acrylic letters, it stands proudly above their entrance, symbolizing their commitment to innovation and excellence.


Striking outdoor sign enhances Nature's Cell visibility
Striking outdoor sign enhances Nature’s Cell visibility

Outdoor Sign for Nature Cell 

Outdoor signage designed for Nature’s Cell at the Beverly Hills lab effectively addresses the challenges of visibility, branding, regulatory compliance, and clear wayfinding. The overall size of the sign was carefully chosen, with the “Nature Cell” letters 12 inches tall and the “Beverly Hills” letters 4 inches tall. This carefully designed size ensures optimal visibility from a distance, attracting attention and making the laboratory easily identifiable.


Another important factor is the use of high-quality materials. The 1 inch thick flat cut white acrylic in “Nature Cell” and the ¾ inch thick flat cut white acrylic in “Beverly Hills” offer a clean, professional look. The contrasting white letters against the facebrick background improve legibility and provide a strong visual impact.


In order to comply with legal regulations, the design of the signage takes into account all specific requirements placed on hygienic laboratories. By adhering to these regulations, Nature’s Cell avoids potential legal problems and demonstrates its commitment to industry standards.


Signs help give direction. Strategic positions above the entrance facilitates navigation and ensures that visitors, staff and deliveries can find the lab without confusion or delays.


Nature’s Cell’s well-designed outdoor signage effectively addressed health lab needs by providing visibility, strong branding, compliance and clear wayfinding, while exuding a professional and welcoming vibe.


Prominent outdoor sign highlights Nature's Cell's presence
Prominent outdoor sign highlights Nature’s Cell’s presence

Benefits of Outdoor Signage 

Outdoor signage offers many benefits to businesses without a storefront or with little traffic on the street.


1. Brand influence: 

Wall letters signage can help increase brand awareness and influence even if there is not much traffic. It acts as a constant advertisement, letting passers-by and potential customers know about your business.


2. Location Awareness: 

Signage acts as a landmark, directing customers to where your business is located. It can help people find you more easily, especially if your business is hidden away or located in a less-populated area.


3. 24/7 Outdoor Sign Promotes: 

Unlike other marketing methods, outdoor signage operates 24/7. It will continuously promote your business, even after business hours, reach a wider audience and potentially attract customers outside normal business hours.


4. Professional Image: 

Well-designed signage enhances the professionalism and credibility of your business, regardless of its physical location. It makes a positive first impression and builds trust with potential customers.


5. Targeted Marketing: 

Strategic placement and design of wall letters signage can target specific groups of people or local communities, attracting niche audiences and increasing the likelihood of connecting with your target audience.


Outdoor signage is a powerful marketing tool that effectively compensates for a lack of storefront or high foot traffic by providing brand exposure, location awareness, ongoing promotions, a professional image and targeted marketing opportunities.


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Outdoor sign showcasing Nature's Cell excellence
Outdoor sign showcasing Nature’s Cell excellence