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Building Sign for Vitec in Chatsworth

Check out this custom metal and acrylic building sign we fabricated for Vitec. This baby will surely get eyes on the Chatsworth business. Especially since it’s positioned high up at a visible vantage point, displaying the establishment’s impressively-rendered logo for all to see.

Boost Your Brand With A Building Sign

If you’ve got the space for a building sign, then flaunt it! Get your brand seen by passersby and potential customers. Show them that this is your yard!  Building signs will make your business stand out impressively because you’ll show everyone that you’ve got the resources and means to put one up.  Such a quality outdoor sign will suggest that your products and services are similarly top-notch. And it’ll show that your enterprise is a healthy and confident one.

So, want to harness the power of signage? Contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries!

About the Client

Vitec provides the growing “image capture and content creation” market with premium branded products and solutions. It is a leading global provider for broadcasters, independent content creators, photographers and enterprises.