Dimensional Metal Letters Lobby Sign for Six Twenty Six in Valley Village

This is the matte black dimensional metal letters lobby sign we made for SixTwentySix. So now the Valley Village office looks complete, with the reception area sign matching perfectly with the surroundings and presenting the brand for all to see.

Complete Your Office with a Dimensional Metal Letters Lobby Sign

A creative content production company like Six Twenty Six that deals in media must have eye-catching aesthetic. Their office must be stylish, to match the creativity and artistry their brand represents. So their office sign has to be a stand out product, with a look that conveys their brand identity. Likewise, the material construction of the signage must also be top-notch.

With this signage symbolizing what the company offers, potential clients will be impressed. Moreover, the sign also represents the workforce and the whole organization, so it also contributes to team morale. And it also fills up empty space in the reception area, filling an otherwise blank wall with the company’s logo. In other words, this is a business sign that’s indispensable!

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About the Client

SixTwentySix productions is a production company specializing in creative content that’s entertaining and culturally relevant.