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Metal Sign for ANX in Silver Lake

Visibility and durability in one package, that’s what ANX got with our metal sign. The Silver Lake business got a boost in branding with its new outdoor sign. It’s fitting as the architecture and design firm rightfully deserves eye-catching signage.

Beat Wear and Tear with a Metal Sign

Establishments need high quality eye-catching signs. Not eye sores, broken down signs in plain sight that give the wrong kind of visibility. Signage that’ll stay pristine over long periods – like our metal sign. Yes, wear and tear from harsh weather is a reality for signs. But a well-made one with regular maintenance and a sign package covering repairs will ensure that an establishment stays on the top of its branding game.

Need high quality signage to display your high quality brand? Contact us and we can discuss the sign package best suited to your needs!

About the Client

ANX works on providing design and architecture with value and impact on cities and their inhabitants. Whether the project is large or small, ANX approaches it in a positive and intellectually flexible way. So they incorporate cutting edge theories, careful analysis and the deconstruction of project conditions. What results is a thoughtful and conceptually rigorous process.