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Halo-lit Channel Letters for The Jungle Boys

Our custom halo-lit channel letters will really make The Jungle Boys’ brand pop! The mirror-polished metal sign comes with full spectrum, remote-controlled LEDs – talk about the state of the art. With this baby, the Los Angeles establishment is bound to stick out, shining through the haze and turning heads. That’s the joint effect of great signage and lighting. After all, such a business deserves a suitably captivating lobby sign. A cutting edge marijuana shop sign that’ll make folks go “woah.” 

Brighten up your business with halo-lit letters

This type of interior sign adds to an establishment’s ambiance. The channel letters themselves are impressive on their own, but the halo-lighting really shines at night and really catches the eye. Remote-controlled RGB LEDs also allow establishments to change their lighting from time to time to keep things varied. For cafes, restaurants and bars, halo-lit letters are really indispensable ways to boost brand visibility.

Need halo-lit letters with color-changing LEDs? Contact us and we can discuss which signage package will help your business stand above the rest!

About the Client

The Jungle Boys is a group of Los Angeles-based growers of high quality cannabis. They have been spreading their knowhow and insights with the comunity since 2006.