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Honoring Our Favorite Customers: Rockaway Records in Glendale

This vintage record shop is throwback in every way. We were fortunate enough to make signage for Rockaway Records, namely an awning sign along with a number of metal parking lot and wayfinding signs for the iconic location.

A Pillar of the Community and the Local Music Scene

Good news, everyone! This local institution’s online stores are open once again. Hooray! So head over to eBay and Discogs. Moreover, their website will be up and running by the end of the week. Shipping is currently limited though, so customers are asked to allow for extra time for the company to process orders. However, their retail store remains closed.

Rock n’ Roll Signage

Signage helps a business project their brand, their identity, visually for the public to appreciate. A good sign provides a platform for the company logo to truly shine. For Rockaway Records, our signs help them convey their boldness, their attitude. They the brand visibility, so more people can see that iconic symbol – that “O” that looks like a vinyl record and speaker at the same time.

At the same time, the installations serve practical purposes. The awning compliments their storefront and entrance, providing shade to incoming customers. The parking lot and wayfinding signs give instructions and directions for everyone’s convenience while staying stylistically consistent with the rest of their branding. So people will know that they mean business and that they will get towed if they don’t follow the rules.

About the Client

Rockaway Records grew from the passion of record collecting enthusiasts Wayne and Gary Johnson, whose journey started in 1979. Today it is one of the few remaining independent record stores and chains still operating in LA, having been in the biz for more than 35 years.