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Pylon Sign Replacement for Malibu Village

Malibu Village needed pylon sign replacement. After a number of years of direct afternoon sunlight, it was time to refresh their giant 100 foot tall sign. Using two cranes, we swapped out the giant pole sign face with a new one, adding additional UV laminate to the the face to help it stand proud for years to come.

Need Pylon Sign Replacement?

So your outdoor sign has done its duty loyally for years, but gradually the elements have taken their toll. Don’t worry, we provide signage replacement services. Whether you want an identical replacement or updated branding, we’re up to the task. Even in the case of humongous displays like Malibu Village’s lightbox. This way, your establishment will have pristine-looking business signs. A good-looking sign is an important part of attracting customers.

Likewise, in the case of accidental damage. After all, exterior signs have more chances of getting hit by careless drivers or vandalized. So the new display can account for what caused the damage in the first place. Like the UV laminate for Malibu Village’s light box sign. Or security features to discourage vandalism or theft.

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About the Client

Malibu Village is a retail center that provides numerous amenities at an idyllic creek-side location.