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Neon Sign Repair for Milk Bar in Los Angeles

Milk Bar’s neon sign had multiple letters no longer functioning. So we did neon sign repair, fixing the electrical and inserting new neon gas into its tubes. Need sign repair? You know who to call.

Illuminated and Neon Sign Repair Keeps Things in Working Order

Malfunctioning illuminated signage is no minor matter. The sight of a flickering neon sign, lightbox or any other lit sign can actually turn potential customers away. After all, signs are supposed to symbolize a brand. So if an illuminated sign is not in working order, then to some customers it might suggest that the rest of the business is in a similar state. Moreover, these outdoor signs are supposed to have the advantage of visibility due to lighting and position, but when they are malfunctioning or in disrepair these advantages work against it. People from far and wide can now see the state of the sign.

So don’t wait for it to come to this! Businesses must be image-conscious. Taking care of your signs will show customers that you care and it will suggest to them that the brand is likewise meticulous with its products or services. Regular sign maintenance and immediate sign repair are a must to ensure that these displays are in proper working order, to attract customers rather than the opposite.

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About the Client

Milk Bar is a shop that puts a new spin on familiar treats, making exciting new kinds of dessert.