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New Signage for a New Year

As we enter a New Year, giving our establishments a new look is a great way to shake off 2021 and fully embrace 2022. And one way to do this is by setting up new signage, which will pique customer interest and draw them to your business. 

Enter 2022 with New Signage

For 2021, attract good vibes (and customers) with pristine-looking signage. Schedule sign maintenance to make sure those illuminated signs are functioning properly and not flickering. Address the effects of wear and tear. Get sign cleaning so your outdoor signs will be spotless and shiny.

Embrace 2022 and the opportunities it offers by giving your business a new appearance. Installing new signage with a new look will help with rebranding efforts that will show customers and audiences that the company is ready for a new year. These are types of signs that can be easily replaced with newer versions:

Light box and pylon signs

Lightbox sign inserts can be swapped to present new motifs or custom messages. Plus this type of illuminated sign is very visible.

Window graphics

Vinyl graphics for glass surfaces such as windows and doors, and walls as well, can be made and installed quickly. They can also be replaced just as easily.

Custom banners

Announcing new products or services to go with the new year? Banners can be made in short order and can be positioned almost anywhere, serving as outdoor signs and indoor signs just as effectively.

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