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Office Acrylic Lobby Sign for Zyppah in Calabasas

The office acrylic lobby sign we installed for Zyppah. With this, the Calabasas company’s customer color-matched signage will definitely make their office look distinct. While featuring their brand in a visible and memorable way.

Office Acrylic Lobby Sign, a Must Have for Business

The perfect centerpiece for any office, a lobby sign evens out the space and brings balance to the reception area. It makes good use of walls that would otherwise be empty, making them display the branding in a visually striking way that catches the eye, cementing the business’ symbol and thus their identity into the memories of customers or clients. By doing this, they are irreplaceable to the customer experience.

Likewise, for employees the brand the sign exhibits is an embodiment, a symbol, of the organization they’re part of. It adds morale to the workforce by showing them who they represent. The logo or branding conveys who they are.

In short, a lobby sign completes the office. Made out of acrylic, it is trusty and durable. That’s why it’s a centerpiece and a definitive component of any sign package for businesses, organizations and establishments that want to be taken seriously.

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About the Client

ZYPPAH offers the answer to snoring. It does this with the eponymous device called a tongue elastic, like a seatbelt for the tongue that prevents the organ from blocking the airway.