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How is the health of your businesses signage?

A healthy business needs healthy business signage. After all, an establishment won’t look well if it’s banners are tattered or if its lightbox is flickering. You won’t be as visible and as such less customers might come by.

This is why we offer sign maintenance and sign repair services. Ensuring your business’ branding is in tip top condition is vital in competitive areas! That’s how you can stand out in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.

But now, you can all rest easy, because the Sign Doctor is in the house!

Business Signage “Health Assessment”

  • Wondering if your signage is up to scratch or near the end of its lifespan?
  • Perhaps your sign’s quality can be improved?
  • Maybe you’re thinking of replacing your sign with a new one altogether?

Well, we got a sign fever and the only cure is more cowbell effective signage. So contact us if your signs are in need of a check-up!

And send us pictures of the current state of your sign. Because that will make it easier for our assessment.

It’s best to take several pictures of your signage from several angles. Distance shots let us see how it looks from afar, from a passersby’s perspective. While close ups will let us see the degree of wear and tear. Also, be sure the lighting’s good.

With these pics and your input, we can assess your sign’s health and determine what needs fixing.