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Office Blade Sign for Amazon in Santa Barbara

Part of the ongoing business sign package for Amazon. This time it is an office blade sign for their Santa Barbara branch. Specifically for Everytable, a restaurant sharing their building. Like the previous channel letters, we did this with our partner, Tube Art. This type of sign literally “sticks out” and will surely catch people’s attention.

Stick Out with an Office Blade Sign

Have some variety with your office signage. Go for an office sign package that will ensure that your premises will be fully spruced up with a balanced array of signage and displays. From indoor office signs for the lobby, conference rooms, halls and such, to outdoor signs that will catch the eye of bystanders and passersby. With a package, not only will you get a complete set, but you will have it over a set period of time. Moreover, these will be consistent in terms of quality – visual, material composition, installation, and so on.

So with a sign package, a variety of displays – from blade signs to lobby signs to posters to banners and even car or vehicle wraps – will match each other. This is not only convenient but also conveys consistent brand identity. In turn, this means all your signs will deliver the same message. So the message is reinforced and has a more powerful effect on audiences and potential customers.

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About the Client

Amazon is a multinational multibillion dollar tech company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, streaming and more.

Everytable aims to make nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all. They began in 2013.