You are currently viewing Office Door Etched Glass Vinyl for Studio City in Los Angeles

Office Door Etched Glass Vinyl for Studio City in Los Angeles

This is the office door etched glass vinyl sign we installed for Studio City in Los Angeles. Offices can get a bit too sparse, so add some signage. A lobby sign will do the job as a centerpiece, but it could be accompanied with other types of signs to compliment it.

Office Door Etched Glass Vinyl for Workplaces

Those glass surfaces can be ideal spots to display company branding. Especially for those glass doors, since when they are cleaned really well sometimes it looks like there’s nothing there and people might walk right into them. So don’t leave your lobby sign hanging, that centerpiece could use other signs to compliment it. Moreover, vinyl on glass doors and windows are also ideal for conference rooms. They reinforce the corporate vibe or just add features to what might otherwise bland surfaces. So break the monotony with etched glass. Or add privacy to people’s personal offices. Moreover, if the glass door or window happens to be in the line of sight of the sun when it’s rising or setting, vinyl can block the glare.

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About the Client

Studio City is among America’s largest and most recognized media agencies overseeing TV’s biggest brands.