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Light Box Insert for Granada Hills Charter High School

A prestigious institution needs signage that’s up to scratch. Like this light box insert we made for Granada Hills Charter High School. It adds to the institution’s impressive look. Now that’s a school sign! 

School Signs ‘R Us

Places of learning need to look the part, to convey their purpose and identity as well as instill pride and confidence in the students, teachers and parents. So a quality school sign is an important component of this. It’s just as important as clean halls and neat classrooms, helping provide an environment conducive to learning.

So, need school signs? Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries.

About the Client

Granada Hills Charter High School is an educational institution focused on providing students with a positive environment centered on their needs. They also cultivate attitudes that will help them attain success in life and continue on growing and learning even after they’ve left the campus.