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Office Lobby Sign for Measure Tech in Chatsworth

An office lobby sign is a must, particularly in cutting edge industries. So for Measure Tech we fabricated and installed a laser cut acrylic dimensional lobby sign with custom painted logo. Now they have a slick sign that prominently displays their branding!

An Office Lobby Sign to Brighten Up The Workplace

Impress customers, clients and guests. Inspire employees. Bring life to the office, so it won’t look dour and featureless. That’s what indoor signs can do for your establishment. These are particularly important for decorating reception areas and lobbies, so people will see it when they enter the premises. Employees coming in at the start of their shift, as well as customers or guests who’ll also wait in the area.

Moreover, they also display your business’ branding, conveying your company’s identity so everyone will know what’s up. Customers and clients will know what to expect in terms of products and services, because the business signs will clue them as to the company’s style. Workers will also have a better understanding of the organization they are in.

Signs provide a reference point, they symbolize what the company is for. With this, people will in turn know where they stand relative to the brand’s projected identity.¬† Whether it’s something they are drawn to as consumers, dedicated to as workers, or something they have forged as founders and entrepreneurs.

So, looking for the right signage for your business? Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Measure Tech manufactures precision sensors and instruments for the aerospace sector.