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Our Favorite Client: Iron Fitness in Santa Monica and Brentwood

Iron Fitness is among our favorite clients, in the gym sign category. As their facilities are closed, they are offering their members several fitness options. The first two entail accessing the app for home workouts guided by coaches via video. For the second option, members can rent take home exercise equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells. While the third option is a membership freeze until the situation returns to normal. This might not be as ideal as going to the box for a workout, but it is the best alternative that factors in everyone’s safety.

Staying Strong Like Iron

What Iron Fitness is doing is helpful not only from a business perspective but also from a social one. They are doing their part to keep their members fit, give them something to occupy their time in a healthy way, and stave off isolation. By giving them fitness goals, even if it is maintaining physiques instead of getting absolutely shredded from extreme workouts In The Box. They have something to work towards, which gives them something to look forward to. And this ties into the bigger picture, of staying positive and having a long-term perspective that will help one last till the crisis subsides.

Building and Maintaining Brands

People are loyal to brands, whether they are gyms or cafes or stores, not just because of the products and services they offer. People choose these businesses because of their brand identity, that unique something they offer beyond just the physical items in question. It is the sum of the whole customer experience, really. And a big part of it is the greater community that each customer experiences, between not just them and the brand but with each other. Their peers with whom they share similar passions, preferences and lifestyles.

That is why it is important for businesses to maintain brand recognition and brand identity through a low point like the lockdown. And to do it by maintaining their ties with their customers, and by fostering their connections with each other. In short, building and nurturing their community. This then extends to beyond only their customers but to the wider society around them. It goes from group workout sessions online to contributing to community relief efforts, awareness raising, and so on.

We have so much to offer one another as individuals and as groups, as organizations, businesses, communities and families. This is why we will last through the crisis and why we are looking forward to life after coronavirus.

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About the Client

IRON Fitness is a fitness facility that offers open gym membership and various training regimens and classes, including comprehensive boxing programs.