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Commemorative Plaques for Calabasas High School

Another part of the large sign project we did for Calabasas High School’s Athletic program. For this portion of the project these commemorative plaques highlight teams that not only won their league, but the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Championship as well. Excellence deserves recognition!

Acknowledge Awesomeness with Commemorative Plaques

Success should be given its due. It should be announced to the high heavens, with the winners or top performers receiving accolades. Signage is a part of this. Commemorative signs like plaques, banners, portraits and such should be standard fare along with trophies, medals and so on. So this way, everyone will appreciate their achievements. Likewise, they can also find inspiration thanks to these examples. Moreover, the achievers will appreciate the recognition and get the motivation to carry on with their great performances.

Signs can boost morale and encourage teams. Whether it’s a school sign, gym sign or business sign, they can help cement the identities of groups. By boosting individuals, teams or brands, people will see that they are more than just individuals. They will realize that they are part of something greater. So with this, signage can help build team spirit. A sense of community that will propel people to attain great things!

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About the Client

Calabasas High School Athletics enables each student to realize their maximum potential.