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Pole Banners for Wish Sotheby’s in Sherman Oaks

We made and installed two pole banner banners  for Wish Sotheby’s Sherman Oaks building. With these complimenting their storefront signs their entrance will be all the more prominent and attractive to customers.

Make the Most of Vantage Points with Pole Banners

With poles, the advantages of custom banners in terms of ease of manufacture and positioning are maximized. Businesses can have ideal storefront signs to mark their entrances. These will compliment other entrance signs already there. Moreover, these prominent building signs have the advantage of being able to sway in the breeze like flags. It is quite a cool effect and adds to the brand’s visibility and memorability.  Compared to other outdoor sign types, banners positioned on poles use the environment to their advantage. Even when they aren’t gently swaying in the breeze, they can also provide a bit of shade.

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About the client

Wish Sotheby’s is an international realty company focused on luxury real estate and homes. They deal in properties located in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and the nearby areas.