You are currently viewing Premium Grade Floor Graphics for Scott Howe

Premium Grade Floor Graphics for Scott Howe

Continuing our project for Scott Howe we’ve now made some great looking floor graphics! It complements the other school sign our Tarzana-based sign company made for the institution. Students and faculties alike will know whose yard they’re in when they look down and look around. This is the School for the¬†Visual Arts and Humanities’ turf!¬†

Spruce Up the Place with Floor Graphics

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Hallways looking a bit sparse? Decorated the walls but need something for the bare floor? Then consider floor graphics, which contribute to the overall motif you’re going for with your other signage. The result is aesthetically pleasing, vital for inspiring students who are aspiring to be artists. Such signage also help boost pride in the institution, which is a boon for both students and faculty. The same applies for businesses, their customers and their staff.

So turn that unused floor surface into a spanking new sign. Inquire now!