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Signs for Valentine’s Day

It’s February and you know what that means? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it a lot of promos and sales. So businesses should be ready with signage that will draw in all the lovebirds going out during this romantic occasion. Thinking of what type of sign you want for V-Day? Here’s some our high quality signs to help you determine which one to get: 

Valentine’s Day Signage

Window Signs

This is a must when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Days and having sales or promos. It’ll draw in customers who are out shopping for a perfect gift for their special someone. Whether it’s visually striking banners or vinyl graphics, window signage is a real must for stores and boutiques, especially if their displays are by the sidewalk. 


For events, banners and pop-ups are perfect for decorating an establishment and raising visibility. They’re bright, stand out, and are quick and easy to fabricate and set up. You may need a fair share of banners for V-Day!  

Cut Outs

Couples will love having their pictures taken with cut-outs, especially if it’s made for two! These are great for romantic and fun evenings, they’re selfie and photo-op magnets that will attract customers AND give your establishment free publicity!

Wall Art 

Colorful wall art is striking and visually attractive, stimulating and enlivening. Have the signs feature hearts and season-appropriate themes and they will be ideal for Valentine’s. Whether they’re installed on panels, or hand-painted on your walls, they will certainly brighten up your establishment and add to the romantic ambiance. 


So, need signs for V-Day? Both indoor signs or outdoor signs will raise visibility for any sales or promos you will have. Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries.