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Aluminum Parking Garage Signs for Crunch Long Beach

Part 2 of our work to upgrade the parking lots of the greater Los Angeles area. We’re putting the finishing touches on new parking garage signs for Crunch Fitness Long Beach. They’re sleek and minimalist yet eye-catching, perfect for the environment they’re designed for. 

Functional Parking Garage Signs

Indoor parking isn’t the most thrilling activity. With these signs, Crunch Fitness can remind their customers what they’re there for and prime them up even when they’re navigating the garage. If the garage is a big one with multiple levels, signage can also help orientate newcomers who aren’t that familiar with the garage layout. Such areas are also quite drab, visually speaking, so it helps to spruce them up with some signs. Otherwise it’ll all be grey concrete and piping, with sparse lighting, like a scene from a thriller movie. Not the most stimulating environment for gym goers.

So add some visual variety to your indoor parking areas! Contact our San Fernando-based sign company!

About the client

Crunch Fitness was founded in New York City’s East Village in 1989. Crunch is not just a business, but a diverse community that nurtures wellness, providing people with a welcoming atmosphere that inspires them to reach their health goals.