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Reverse Lit Channel Letters for Gaspar in Simi Valley

These are the reverse lit channel letters we made for Gaspar Insurance, part of the indoor and outdoor sign package we created for their new Simi Valley office. Now their exterior is looking impressive with this illuminated building sign installed outside. It will definitely catch people’s attention and put them on the map!

Shine On With Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Exterior photos of reverse lit channel letters being installed by crane on the Gaspar Insurance office building in Simi Valley. This exterior building sign is part of the office sign package provided by Premium Sign Solutions. Sign Makers in Simi Valley.So you want to draw eyes to your brand and attract customers to your establishment? Want your building to stand out from the rest? Do it with spectacular-looking signage. An illuminated building sign that’s bright and sizable ought to do the trick.

Like these channel letters which display the brand’s name in a way that’s highly visible from afar, day in and day out. It combines the strengths of channel signs, in that you can’t go wrong with displaying your business’ name for all to see, along with that of illuminated signs.

Good business signs must stand out above the rest. All while staying stylish, so that they will be visible in a good way and not stick out like sore thumbs. When it comes to outdoor signs, these must also be made of quality materials as their construction will be tested by the elements. Moreover, exterior signs can also encounter accidents. So they must be sturdy. Having sign maintenance and sign repair options is definitely a plus, too.

So, want channel letters to serve as your building sign? Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Gaspar Insurance Services is a full service insurance agency. So it provides both personal and commercial insurance services for individuals and companies alike.