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Sign Installation Day for Casa de Flores in Encino

We just finished sign installation of the lightbox faces we worked on last week. With a matching coat of paint and all new faces, it’s like Casa de Flores in Encino has an entirely new  pylon sign!

The Finishing Touches: Sign Installation

large signs, sign installation, digitally printed, lexan, lightbox, sign repair, sign refacing, oversized signage, encino, pylon signWe don’t just insert lightbox faces and call it a day. We also provide new coats of paint and other touch ups as necessary to make sure the final result is impressive. Otherwise, it wouldn’t do if we went through all the trouble of sign installation only to have the final results diminished by the surroundings. We stand by our signage, so we’ll make sure nothing is amiss.

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About the Client

Casa de Flores, the house of flowers, is an Encino florist that provides breathtaking bouqets for special occasions.