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Need a Break While Quarantining? Give Yourself Space with Room Backdrops!

Need a break while quarantining? Trying to stave off cabin fever? Whether you need space from family or house mates, new room backdrops may be able to help with that. Just send us a photo of your living room and we will create banners. You can put these next to your sofa, creating a large background that will “camouflage you” and help you get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Make A Space For Yourself with Room Backdrops

For homes that aren’t exactly spacious, finding personal space may be a bit of a challenge. So creatively designed banners can help people divide little areas, helping them get a little bit of space and separation to meet their psychological and social needs.

These banners can be like camouflage. They can look exactly like your living room, you can “disappear” behind it while the rest of the household will wonder where you’ve gone. Like hide and seek! And if it’s their turn for some private time, they can use the banners too.

Think of these as the rest and relaxation equivalent of those backdrop banners we proposed for working at home.

Aside from “cloaking” yourself behind a facsimile of your living room, you can also use custom banners with to decorate converted break rooms with all sorts of backgrounds. These can take you away to other locales. Maybe even outer space. Who knows? The imagination’s the limit!

The Importance of Personal Spaces

We all need boundaries, but with shelter in place going on for weeks, the space or “me time” we usually found in our daily routines and travels are no longer existent. Instead, we are all packed in our homes, some of which may not be spacious enough to give people the personal space they need to metaphorically stretch their legs or “get away from it” for a few fleeting moments.

Those articles sharing tips for dealing with COVID-19 cabin fever mention this a lot. And their advice is to create spaces, physical areas as well as times of the day, for people to be separate in order to do what they need to do by themselves, as well as times and areas to be together to prevent isolation.

Using Signage Creatively

Signs don’t always have to be for business purposes. They can be used creatively to help you stay sane during the quarantine.

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