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Temple Judea Dedication Wall in Tarzana

Temple Judea has annual givers they like to honor. We built this dedication wall for the Tarzana place of worship to help properly honor the donors and recognize them as pillars of the community. Plus it allows for easy yearly changing of names if needed. So if your organization is commemorating contributors, consider this type of signage.

Give Recognition with a Dedication Wall

Employees of the month? Generous donors? Sponsors? Whatever the reason, you can commemorate them through signage. Display their visages and their names so that they may be recognized for their deeds. Credit should be given where it’s due. And no good deed should go unrecognized.

Such displays will also inspire others to rise to the occasion. Likewise, displays such as donor signs show people that their efforts are sincerely appreciated. All in all, it’s good for the community and boosts morale. Moreover, a recognition sign shows that an organization cares. Brands that recognize accomplishment are, in turn, recognized. So whether you’re a workplace, a community organization, place of worship or faith group, commemorative signs can make a real difference.

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About the Client

Temple Judea embodies a vibrant Jewish community. It provides an array of quality religious programs aimed that enrich people’s lives by bringing them into the synagogue community.