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Giant Banner for Black Bottom Southern Diner in North Hollywood

Want people to know where your business is at? Then go big with your signage. They can’t miss it! Like this giant banner for Black Bottom Southern Diner. So with this 10 foot by 54 foot banner draped over an old billboard, locals instantly know where to go to eat in North Hollywood!

Huge Signs for Maximum Effect

Want to promote your signs? A massive sign like the diner’s giant banner will be definitely visible. And the sight of a brand going all out with its signage is guaranteed to impress potential customers. It’ll excite them and draw them in to your establishment. Moreover, if you’re a restaurant, they’ll definitely imagine large servings worthy of such huge servings. And that restaurant sign will make their stomachs growl.

Likewise, while such huge custom banners are noticeable to the point of being landmarks, they’ll also be much easier to create and set up compared to more permanent installations of similar size. So if you want to make an impact, such as when you’re having a grand opening or launching, consider going huge with giant signs.

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About the Client

Black Bottom Southern Kitchen serves down-home style recipes freshly made for takeout or delivery.