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Slice of Life: A Fistfull of Dodgers Stickers in Tarzana

What a game that was, an epic finale to the World Series. Congratulations to the Astros, who can finally call themselves champs! And for the Dodgers and their fans – it was a good run, they gave it their all and showed everyone what they had!

In the end it was all a lot of fun, especially for us at Premium Sign Solutions since a lot of us are Dodgers fans. The same goes for our clients too, and that’s how we ended up getting requests for custom Dodgers fan stickers and banners!

There’s nothing quite like working on  something you love, especially when clients share that same passion. This common ground strengthens the bond we share with our clients, it shows how close we can be, and it’s an example of the beauty of fandom in bringing people together. Yep, we really like the Dodgers!

It’s exemplified by the words on the sticker: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes purpose, determination and an entire city.”

It’s a fan made quote, one that conveys not only the dedication and hard work required to become the cream of the crop like the Dodgers, but also the love and support an entire community has given to them to propel them to the top. That’s what being a fan is about and we’ll continue supporting them in our own little ways.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see them go again next year. Go get ’em!