Topanga Canyon Neon Sign for Jungle Boys in Los Angeles

Remember Jungle Boys’ huge mural we were preparing to enhance with some neon signage? We just installed a neon sign spelling out “Topanga Canyon.” Now the Los Angeles cannabis store is even more visually striking. It’ll surely offer customers some memorable sights!

Decorate Establishments with a Neon Sign or Two

Draw from the unique history of neon signage to make your brand even more memorable. Neon signs are timeless classics and are making a resurgence nowadays. In Jungle Boys’ case, the neon goes well with their mural and provides brilliant lighting. For other businesses like restaurants, cafes and hotels, neon offers that old-school aesthetic. This works for places with history, particularly in the Los Angeles and Hollywood areas. If you want your establishment to have a distinct ambience, you cannot go wrong with neon signs!

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About the Client

The Jungle Boys is a group of Los Angeles-based growers of high quality cannabis. They have been spreading their know-how and insights with the community since 2006.