You are currently viewing Topanga Canyon Neon Sign for Jungle Boys in Los Angeles

Topanga Canyon Neon Sign for Jungle Boys in Los Angeles

Remember Jungle Boys’ huge mural we were preparing to enhance with some neon signage? We just installed a neon sign spelling out “Topanga Canyon.” Now the Los Angeles cannabis store is even more visually striking. It’ll surely offer customers some memorable sights!

Decorate Establishments with a Neon Sign or Two

Draw from the unique history of neon signage to make your brand even more memorable. Neon signs are timeless classics and are making a resurgence nowadays. In Jungle Boys’ case, the neon goes well with their mural and provides brilliant lighting. For other businesses like restaurants, cafes and hotels, neon offers that old-school aesthetic. This works for places with history, particularly in the Los Angeles and Hollywood areas. If you want your establishment to have a distinct ambience, you cannot go wrong with neon signs!

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About the Client

The Jungle Boys is a group of Los Angeles-based growers of high quality cannabis. They have been spreading their know-how and insights with the community since 2006.