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Updating Your Branding? New Signs for a New Year

How was your 2018? Is “doing even better in 2019” among your New Year’s Resolutions? Then consider updating your branding and signage to improve your business’ performance. Give your establishment a fresh look, an updated brand logo, and work these into a marketing campaign to draw in more customers.

Sounds like a plan! And we at Premium Sign Solutions are here to help you realize it and revitalize your brand with our wide range of quality products and services.

Updating Branding and Signage

It’s not easy to change your business’ look. As Forbes put it, this could be due to a variety of reasons, such as simplifying the style to appeal to the market’s tastes, or because the company itself has changed and thus the branding must reflect that. Whatever the reason may be, we have the signage options and sign packages to meet your needs:

Interior Wall Art

wall graphics, premium vinyl, interior graphics, interior signs, sign makers, school signage, hollywood, wall art, wall art installationBoutique or office, classroom or cafe, new wall art will certainly brighten up a place and add to the ambiance. Moreover, for a business owner, they’re ideal as they are easy to install or replace as far as indoor signs go. You can update them to suit the season so they’ll never go stale!

Add Braille and Tactile Lettering to Your Wayfinding Signs

ada signs, ada plaque, acrylic signs, directory, custom directory, sign makers, sign companies, santa monicaInclusivity is in and of course providing more accessibility for those with needs is the right thing to do. With our new tactile and braille sign machine we can fabricate signage with such features so that establishments can cater to all their clientele’s needs.

Illuminated Building Signs

box sign, push through sign, acrylic signage, exterior signs, illuminated signs, sign company, valencia, illuminated building signWhether you plan on staying the course with the old brand or shifting to an updated design, displaying it brightly for all to see day in and day out will certainly give it a boost. Illuminated building signs will put you a step above the competition. Step up your outdoor sign game!

New Vehicle Wraps

van wrap, vehicle wrap, car wrap, vehicle graphics, vehicle lettering, sign makers, studio city, santa monicaHas your service vehicle or food truck proven itself in the line of duty? If so, chances are it’s got a few scratches and some wear on its vinyl wraps. It might be time to replace the car wrap with a new one, in a different style, so it’ll look brand new and make onlookers go “hey, that’s new!

Custom Options

You can go with customized and personalized signage for truly unique results. This can make indoor and outdoor signs alike really eye-catching. Like this one we made for RIM.

Sign Removal Services

Things come and go with change, and the same holds true for signage. So whether it’s for rebranding or relocating, sign removal services will be called for. Leave it to the pros for minimum fuss and damage!

In With The New, But Not “Out With The Old”

As you choose which direction to take with your business signs for 2019, remember: Updating branding doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the previous one, and it can even be brought back when the time is right.

Who knows, your brand update might involve bringing back an old look that customers miss dearly – after all, nostalgia is in these days. Overall, these changes help keep things interesting and put a different spin on the original, taking the established elements into fresh directions. By accepting and flowing with these changes, the brand – both its latest incarnation and its vintage styles – is preserved and enriched.

For auld lang syne, as the song goes. And as always, we’ll be here to help you push your brand to new territories, new customers… and new years!

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