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Wall Wrap and Sign Relocation for Guru Wireless in Pasadena

Changing locations? Keep your workplace looking great with our sign relocation service, like this one for Guru Wireless. We also provided a lobby sign package that includes wall wrap, illuminated logo and acrylic lettering for their new Pasadena office.

Changing Venues? Use Our Sign Relocation Service

Just because you are transferring to another office does not mean your new place has to be disorganized and undecorated. You can take your current signage with you to the new location. And add some fresh new signs as well. Our sign relocation service can ensure that your original displays are transferred seamlessly. And this can be coupled with a sign package for an entire set of new ones, especially if the venue is much larger and needs more decoration.

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About the Client

Guru is designing the future. It focuses on reducing e-waste and making human lives better through the wireless energy transmission technologies they are developing.