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Studio Sign for Shiva Yoga in West Hollywood

This is the studio sign we fabricated and installed for Shiva Yoga’s West Hollywood establishment. The signage is composed of acrylic letters on a metal panel and is positioned over the building’s entrance for maximum visibility.

Enhance Your Visibility with a Gym or Studio Sign  

This is the studio sign for Shiva Yoga's West Hollywood establishment, composed of acrylic letters on a metal panel over their entrance.Gym signs are excellent not only for putting your brand on the map but also for inspiring clients to continue on their fitness journeys and attracting potential customers as well. Highly visible outdoor signs means that more people will see the brand and the establishment know that there’s the place they can work out and get healthy.

Signage appearance will also convey the style of a place, as a yoga studio is something entirely different from say a CrossFit box or a boxing club. Additionally, the quality of the signs being used will also suggest the caliber of services and facilities in the gym or studio.  So the materials and fabrication for the signage must be topnotch, particularly for exterior signs as these will have to withstand the weather.

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About the Client

Shiva Yoga focuses on the fundamentals of yoga to elevate mental and physical growth on a spiritual level. This yoga studio is led by experienced instructors striving to bring a positive change in life.