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Hall Sign for Wolters Kluwer in Glendale

What better way to prime people before they enter your office than by decorating the hallway with signage? With this office hall sign, Wolters Kluwer has something that will build anticipation for and compliment their lobby sign.  As you can see, this sign is quite shiny and below it is another sign displaying the Glendale establishment’s emergency escape plan.

Build Anticipation With An Office Hall Sign

A lobby sign is the centerpiece of your reception area that wows clients and bolsters team morale. So how do you amplify its effect? Simple, with more signage! Strategically positioned and purposefully designed with high quality materials, of course. With such displays in the hallway, potential customers will know which way to go while being incrementally exposed to the branding. So they are primed, anticipation for the main event builds up before they enter the actual office and see the lobby sign itself. After all, it is the main star and will figure prominently the customer experience. But hallway signage can definitely compliment it.

Moreover, these hall signs can also have other more utilitarian purposes. Like Wolters Kluwer, there can be displays for emergency exit plans. Or braille and tactile features meeting the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Customers, employees and visitors alike will definitely appreciate these types of office signs. So ask us about our ADA signage.

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About the Client

Wolters Kluwer is a Dutch-American information services company.