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Blade Sign for Lotus Warrior in Los Angeles

This is the blade sign we fabricated and installed for Lotus Warrior’s Los Angeles yoga studio. The entrance sign compliments the Dibond building sign we also made for them.

Spruce Up Your Entrance with a Blade Sign

Yoga studios, dance studios, gyms and similar establishments need prominent signs to attract more members. These entrance signs can compliment building signs and help project the brand identity of the place. With this, people will be attracted and will get an idea of what the brand stands for, what services it offers, the ethos they hold, and even see pertinent information such as business hours.

A well designed blade sign that’s part of a wider sign package will also cohere with other storefront signs such as window graphics or door signs, as well as the indoor signs inside. As an outdoor sign it should also be made to last and maintain its appearance. So quality materials are a must for exterior signs that have to endure weather, wear and tear and other factors.

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About the Client

Lotus Warrior Studio offers yoga, dance and meditation sessions.