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Lifesize Cardboard Cutout for Temple Judea in Tarzana

We thought we had a new employee but turns out it was a cardboard cutout for our friends in Temple Judea. The Tarzana synagogue was throwing a party and needed a life size cardboard cutout, which we provided. It’s made of print vinyl applied to the board and is lightweight, durable and high quality. So high quality that you’ll think it’s actually a real person! 

Cardboard Cutout Party Signs

These are great for parties and goofing around in general. They’re also great for tradeshow booths. Have selfies with a cutout of a celebrity. Practice your Nerf game with one! Use one as stand ins for those who can’t make it to the event. Or just surprise people by placing a cutout in unexpected places! Get creative and silly!

Need a cutout? Contact us and we’ll help you fulfill whatever hijinks you’re planning!

About the Client

Temple Judea embodies a vibrant Jewish community and provides an array of quality religious programs aimed at enriching people’s lives by bringing them into the synagogue community.