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Vehicle Wrap: Van Decals for Cineaire in Marina Del Rey

Our vehicle wrap displays the eye catching logo of a company that runs on capturing eye catching shots. What could be more fitting? We applied van decals to Cineaire’s service vehicle. It gives the Marina Del Rey business a huge boost in branding visibility. As the featured photo shows, our client is also quite happy with the new look.

Our wrap was made to be durable as the vehicle’s going to be exposed to the weather, so the wrap has to be durable. The decals are premium-grade black cut vinyl applied to both sides of the van.

A Vehicle Wrap Gives Visibility and Mobility in One Package

Want your brand to be the talk of the town? Then promote it by taking your branding around town! With vehicle graphics, you can turn your service ride into a moving sign. Whether it’s a van, a truck or a sedan, the decals will make the vehicle in question quite eye catching. The durable materials will also help protect the ride from dings and scratches. You can remove the wrap and have a nigh-immaculate vehicle for other uses… or resale.

Need a vehicle wrap to promote your business? Or just want to make your personal ride look really slick? Contact us and we can discuss how to provide you with the perfect wrap for your ride!

About the Client

Cineaire specializes in aerial cinematography using drone-mounted high definition cameras. They’re fully FAA Compliant. Cineaire handles everything from pre-production to editing, creating polish, ready-to-air videos.