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Restaurant Sign for Cafe de Mundo in Santa Monica

We just made a restaurant sign for Cafe de Mundo. It’s a custom double sided A-frame, one side shows off the brand logo and the other is made of chalkboard material to display the message of the day. This can also be placed by the street to serve as a sidewalk sign. So now the Santa Monica coffee shop can connect with its customers even more!

Stimulate Appetites with a Restaurant Sign

Want customers to know the daily special? Or show them how those scrumptious dishes look? Need a menu board, or something even more creative? Then a restaurant sign is just what you need. These can come in a variety of types, but at the end of the day they’re designed to boost brand recognition, show what you’re serving and get your patrons’ mouths watering!

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About the Client

Cafe de Mundo is a boutique coffee shop. It serves crafted drinks made to give customers the experience of having coffee around the world.